This too is radical, by design.

Now, let's talk about the return on your tech investment.

Enter the Returning Boomerang!
"... spectators were justly astonished at the dexterity and incredible force with which a bent, edged waddy resembling slightly a Turkish scimytar, was thrown by Bungary, a native distinguished by his remarkable courtesy. The weapon, thrown at 20 or 30 yards [18 or 27 m] distance, twirled round in the air with astonishing velocity, and alighting on the right arm of one of his opponents, actually rebounded to a distance not less than 70 or 80 yards [64 or 73 m], leaving a horrible contusion behind, and exciting universal admiration." — The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser, 23 December 1804

It is with this level of passion, commitment and risk we take on every software development project – not just our own. So, if you are in need of a team of designers and developers willing to risk everything for your success, look no further. Red Pill Now guarantees our commitment to you – and to the outcome of your next project.

If you are not satisfied with our work for any reason, let us know what to do to make it right. Then, consider it done.

Before you read any further, we respectfully ask you to consider these five reasons why you may NOT want to work with Red Pill Now:

We take risks.

And when we take risks, so do you. As the saying goes, there is no reward without risk. We're asked to solve a lot of tough problems. Problems others won't – or don't know how to – address. Along the way, eggs get broken – but we know how to clean up the mess.

We create our own scope creep.

We've never met an idea that wasn't worth consideration. Good thinking is hard to come by, so we beg our customers for more. Conversation and consideration takes time, but never fear – we're experts at sorting the good from the bad.

We're argumentative.

We’re not afraid to say “No.” In fact, we say it a lot, but only because our clients are frequently wrong (which is to be expected, else they wouldn’t have hired us). Simply put, we’re not “yes” people ...

We're not very practical.

We're not in this to get rich, and if a project isn't very interesting, we'll probably decline. In fact, we turn away more projects than we accept. We have to have our heads – and our hearts – into something to do our very best work.

There are more important things than an opinion.

We get hired to solve tough business problems – and to build solutions people love to use. We value proof over opinion, so every project starts with understanding the needs of your customers.

Undaunted? So are we. Now let’s get started with some introductions.

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