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Day-Of-ChampionsATLUG’s Day of Champions event is being held on Monday April 7 in Atlanta. Registrations are now open for an event that provides the unique opportunity to attend 26 separate presentations in a single stream all on the one day. That’s right, 26 separate presentations from a wide range of experts, almost all of whom are from the local Atlanta region.

  1. Our host is Randy Davidson, ATLUG Chairman, one of the few people who can claim to have started working with Notes version 1.0.
  2. The day will start with a series of 12 4-minute Speed-Speeking presentations chaired by Rocky Oliver, the host of the original Speedgeeking event at Lotusphere in 2007.
  3. Next, we have lined up 12 of the best speakers from the Atlanta area to present thought-provoking “Ted-Talk” styled Champ Talks lasting between 5 and 18 minutes. The cast includes 7 past and present IBM champions.
  4. Scott Souder from IBM, who is one of the first 20 people to have worked with Lotus Notes, will be our keynote speaker.
  5. Finally, we are closing the day with an extended Gurpalooza session. Gurupalooza is an established tradition at Lotusphere/Connect in which attendees get the chance to ask questions of the speakers. For ATLUG we will be consolidating this with another popular Lotusphere/Connect tradition – “Ask The Product Manager”, adding as many IBM people we can put our hands on to join us on stage to also answer questions you may have of IBM.

Winter 2014 002

Lunch will be provided. We will have Darren Duke on hand to personally ensure no pretzel cookies are included.

Lotusphere Pretzel Cookie

With the cancellation of Icon US (IAMLUG) in 2014, ATLUG provides the perfect opportunity to drink from the fire hose of knowledge that only major User Group events provide.  Seating for the event is limited so don’y delay, reserve your spot at this unique event by visiting our new web site

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