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In 2015 it seemed like every other conference had Connect in its name. The year started with IBM ConnectEd (Orlando – Jan). This was followed by IBM InterConnect (Las Vegas – Feb), Graph Connect (San Francisco – Oct), js.connect (Atlanta – Oct), and the virtual conference Microsoft Connect(); (Nov). With so many people now having high speed Internet connectivity and larger high quality monitors I suspect conference organizers are wanting to focus on the unique aspects of attending conferences in person rather than viewing material in the comfort of the home/office. Hence the emphasis on CONNECTING.

For 2016 (and beyond) Red Pill Now will be shifting its focus away from IBM-only events to encompass a much broader perspective on modern application development to ensure we are in the best position possible to advise our customers and continue the development of exciting new tools. We understand the unique opportunities that come from attending conferences in person and the bonds/friendships that are formed. We intend to remain involved in our own local user group ATLUG and are exploring ideas for getting a user group for application design going in the Atlanta area. The following are the conferences currently on our radar screen for 2016.

Connect 2016 January 31 – February 3, Orlando, FL

Red Pill Now will be present at Connect 2016, the event for the IBM software group whose name keeps changes so much I am never sure what to call it. For 2016 Nathan Freeman will be presenting Once You Go Graph, the latest thinking from Red Pill Now on the application of Graph database technology to Notes applications. We will be watching closely for the latest announcements from IBM which we expect will focus on Connections and Verse. We would also not be surprised to hear IBM announce a more aggressive posture against Office 365, given Microsoft has now taken a clear lead in this area and a lot of IBM’s customers with it.

Inform 2016 March 10-11, Sydney, Australia

Red Pill Now will not be present at Inform this year, but we very much wish we could. This is the premier event for IBM collaboration software in the Australia/Asia region and one of what we regard as the three premier events for the yellow verse globally. We are hoping scheduling will allow us to attend in 2017.

Engage 2016 March 23-24, Eindhoven, Netherlands

Red Pill Now is a platinum sponsor for this event. It is a major commitment for a company of our size to sponsor an event like this on another continent but this is such an awesome event for IBM Collaboration Software we didn’t think twice about jumping on board. Nathan Freeman, Bob Kadrie, Keith Strickland and myself will all be there presenting our views on the way forward for Notes data. In our opinion the technical content here (and the other two major LUGs – Inform and MWLUG) is superior to that of Connect and a much lower price so register now while you still can.

Build 2016 March 30 – April 1, San Francisco CA

Clearly we have been living inside the yellow bubble too long as we did not anticipate registration for this event selling out in ONE MINUTE. We will be trying to find out if there is a way we can attend as we are very excited to hear the latest from Microsoft about their plans for Office 365. With the evolution of the Microsoft Graph as a cornerstone of Office 365, Red Pill Now is working to develop strategies for bringing Notes data to O365. We anticipate a lot more of Microsoft’s strategy for Microsoft Graph will be presented for the first time at this event. Being a developer’s conference we also expect more technical details and less marketing fluff.

MWLUG 2016  August 17-19, Austin, TX

Red Pill Now was a Gold sponsor of MWLUG in 2015 and we are definitely planning on speaking, sponsoring, and participating in this year’s event. We are assuming this event will be around August and we are excited about the possibility of visiting the IBM Design center which is also located in Austin. August is still a long way out but I expect we will be presenting our latest ideas on graph databases, master data management, design-focus development etc.

Ignite 2016, September 26-30 Atlanta, GA

Microsoft’s annual conference will be held in Atlanta this year, which is very convenient for us. Now that this conference is being scheduled six months after Build we will definitely be looking to be a part of this event, perhaps even seeking the opportunity to present on our work with Microsoft Graph.

Graph Connect October(?), San Francisco CA

Neo4J have not yet announced dates for 2016. And while we do not normally favor vendor-focused conferences, Neo4J are the clear thought leaders in the area of Graph Databases so this remains the single most important event on the calendar to evolve our own thinking on graphs.

Connect.js October 21-22, Atlanta GA

Last year Kito Mann presented and Keith Strickland attended what is becoming one of the premier JavaScript conferences held in the USA each year. For 2016 we again expect to be present to learn more about the rapidly evolving world of JavaScript development.


Peter Presnell
Peter Presnell
CEO at Red Pill NOW. Strategist, technologist, blogger, presenter, and IBM Champion 2011/12. For years many companies have invested heavily in the Notes/Domino platform and I see my role as helping to find paths forward for that investment.


  1. Thanks for the kind words Peter! We, at Engage, are proud to see so much dedications!
    One tiny correctiion. The ‘Connect’ event of 2015, was actually called ‘IBM ConnectED’.
    It’s back to ‘Connect’ this year luckily.

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