Domino 10: Collabsphere Just Got Very Interesting

The are now (at least) two compelling reasons to attend this year’s CollabSphere conference in Ann Arbor, MI running from July 22-24.

  1. If you are like me and did not get a golden ticket for this week’s HCL CWP Factory Tour, Collabsphere is going to be your first chance to hear directly from HCL all the new features that have now been announced for Domino 10.
  2. HCL have made major announcements at a number of events in 2018, and they have hinted there will be some more announcements for Domino 10 made at Collabsphere.

Red Pill Now was fortunate to have two representatives (Nathan T Freeman and Devin S Olson) at today’s HCL CWP Factory Tour (CWP) — so let’s take a look at what we now know about Domino 10 application development that we can expect will be covered in-depth at Collabsphere.


Nomad was announced at IBM Think and is one of the first BIG things announced for Domino 10, providing the ability to run Notes client applications on an iPad without the need to make any changes to the underlying code. This is achieved by downloading the Nomad client onto your iPad and then opening your favorite Notes application. The application will look largely the same as the original Notes client application except that some subtle changes will be introduced to make the application more touch friendly. Support for replication will allow data to be accessed offline.

Nomad is an important part of the strategy for Domino moving forward as it provides the cornerstone for ultimately providing a rapid application development platform in which an application is written once that can then be made available on all devices such as a thick client, thin client (web browser), and mobile devices. HCL also indicated at Think that it has  plans for Android and iPhone versions at a later time. While registrations for the beta opened at IBM Think, the beta for Nomad was made available today for those people attending CWP, and I assume others who have registered will get access soon.

More details were provided at CWP about Nomad. This includes the ability to hide design components such as actions from mobile devices. There will also be support within LotusScript to access some of the native device capabilities such as camera, GPS, and compass. Coming in Domino 11 will be the ability define a separate forms and views just for mobile devices.

Domino Rocks JavaScript

Part of the goals of Domino 10 will be to expand its reach into the broader development community with support for Node.js as a programming language. This forms part of HCL’s plans to establish Domino as a goto platform for JavaScript developers. Java and LotusScript are not going away but I would expect new capabilities may become available to Node.js that will not always be added to the other two languages.

Domino General Query Facility (DGQF)

There were two major announcements at CWP. The first is still under NDA and will only be made public in 2-3 weeks time, perhaps at Collabsphere! The second was a new query language that has been built into the core of the product known as DGQF. This will provide a super fast query language for extracting data from Domino databases, not unlike that provided by Salesforce Object Query Language (SOQL).

The version being released in Domino 10 will be constrained to searching the contents of a single database. But as Jason alludes to in Red Pill Now’s podcast (see below), it sounds like the engineers are already exploring the possibility of extending this to query all databases on a server or even the entire Domino domain. Note: It does not (currently) search the contents of rich text fields or attachments.


For the first time in a long while we are going to see some useful extensions to the LotusScript language. A new HTTPRequest class will simplify the process for accessing/providing REST Services and a JSONParse class will make the process of manipulating JSON much easier. A DEVICECapabilities class will provide access to native applications on mobile devices such as gps, compass, camera.

What’s Next?

Traditionally new features for Domino would be announced at an annual event called Lotusphere (there was never a major release announced at Connect). HCL’s approach is quite different. We have now had a series of announcements at events such as Think, Engage, DNUG, and now CWP. I had the chance to ask Richard Jefts today if there were any more announcements coming for Domino 10. He indicated that some more announcements around TCO would be made at Collabsphere and after that we would start to hear more about Domino 11 at other events. If you live in North America and want the opportunity to hear first hand about the exciting new features that are being added to Domino, Collabsphere provides the perfect opportunity, so register now.

Update: Richard Moy has announced there are now plans to add a session on DGQF at Collabsphere.

Red Pill Now recorded its latest podcast at CWP earlier today, with special guests Richard Jefts and Jason Gary from HCL.

Note: Red Pill Now will soon announce plans to conduct weekly podcasts for Domino enthusiast and those interested in the broader topic of application modernization. So stay tuned.

Peter Presnell
Peter Presnell
CEO at Red Pill NOW. Strategist, technologist, blogger, presenter, and IBM Champion 2011/12. For years many companies have invested heavily in the Notes/Domino platform and I see my role as helping to find paths forward for that investment.

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  1. Kingsley Fernandes says:

    Hi Peter, what is the future Notes/Domino? I see many companies migrating to other platforms like MS SharePoint, SAP, etc. I work as a Senior Lotus Notes Developer and it’s tough to find work in this area. Do you have contacts who are looking to hire Notes Developers? I’m willing to work abroad and currently based in Bangalore, India. Thanks.

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