Five reasons

you don't want to work with us.

We're argumentative.

We're not afraid to say, "no." We say it a lot, because our clients are frequently wrong. Simply put, we're not "yes" people, and we never pay "lip service" just to make someone happy. In fact, we're honest to a fault. Anything less would be a waste of your time.

We take risks.

And when we take risks, so do you. As the saying goes, there is no reward without risk. We're asked to solve a lot of tough problems. Problems others won't – or don't know how to – address. Along the way, eggs get broken – but we know how to clean up the mess.

We create our own scope creep.

We've never met an idea that wasn't worth consideration. Good thinking is hard to come by, so we beg our customers for more. Conversation and consideration takes time, but never fear – we're experts at sorting the good from the bad.

We're not very practical.

We're not in this to get rich, and if a project isn't very interesting, we'll probably decline. In fact, we turn away more projects than we accept. We have to have our heads – and our hearts – into something to do our very best work.

We really don't care what you want.

We get hired to solve tough business problems – and to build solutions people love to use. We value proof over opinion, so every project starts with what your customers need – rather than what you want.