We are radical

and we think you'll approve.

Each member of the Red Pill Now team is extraordinary, a highly credentialed expert, two former Chief Officers of successful organizations in their own right. Singly, each of us is hewn from the same unique cloth of leaders who share the core belief that the end determines the means. This belief has a name—it’s called design thinking.
As a team, we have assembled deliberately with the cognizance that each team member possesses a rare and rarefied experiential profile, and yet our otherwise divergent professional prowesses all merge at a critical intersection—our love for and belief that good design makes business (and life) better. This point of intersection – our passion for design – also means the makeup of our team is singular by design. As a team, we offer you and your customers products and services that didn’t exist before we collaborated to create them and can exist only because we have collaborated to create them.
At the deepest level, our team is fused by a set of motivations decidedly shared by all, drivers that exemplify who we are as professionals and, more deeply, as people: our love for our families, for each other, and for those with whom we engage; the work that we do to live and to play; the kind of variety our work offers (because, after all, yours does, too); clear, concise, and compelling communication; empathy; and fun. These shared values radiate from our work and from our cores. They form the foundation for everything we do.
We engage this same deliberate, purpose-driven approach with each project we undertake. Design thinking. It’s the ability to craft a successful campaign by starting each project at its conclusion and designing with crosshairs focused on the goal, not on a predetermined trajectory for arriving there. It’s what allows us to do the work of many with so few. It’s how we are able to conjure solutions unconstrained by the status quo. Precisely because we are extraordinary, we can see the extraordinary in your need, and we deliver the extraordinary in the solutions we provide.

We may be radical, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't learn more about your team.