Let’s Talk About Better Designed Apps at Engage 2017

I can’t think of a more appropriate place than Antwerp, Belgium to discuss design thinking, user experience, and UI design. For those of you who have not had the opportunity to visit Antwerp, the city is safe, the architecture designed to be beautiful and functional, built on a historically reliable foundation, and connected by an infrastructure that works — further adding to the beauty that is this city.

This is a nearly perfect analogy for how we at Red Pill Now, and what we are working to achieve. We build beautifully simple software, based on solid, proven technology, designed to safely and seamlessly connect your mission critical, legacy data together with an infrastructure that just works.

Today, I, along with my partner and Red Pill Now CEO, Peter Presnell, will be hosting a roundtable discussion on Google’s Polymer web components, and Material Design spec. These two closely related technologies help make our solutions beautiful — and rock solid. Of course, our design-centric thinking that ties everything together — from the business case, to rapid prototyping, through deployment and support, will also make its way into the conversation.

So, if you have an interest in developing better designed, modern, web-based applications using web components and Google’s Material Design spec, Join Peter and me today at 13:30 for what will surely be a lively and informative hour of discussion — plus a killer bunny!

Tomorrow, Peter and I we will take this conversation to a more tactical level when we present, “From Then, to Now – A Speedy UX and Design Workshop for Programmers,” at 11:30. This is session is design to help programmers integrate design thinking, UX and UI design on any timetable or budget — without the need of a designer.

You have a lot of choices for content during this year’s Engage conference. We hope you’ll spend an hour or two with us, as we work to provide you with some practical advice, resources, and design tools that will help you build better apps right now.

Bob Kadrie
Bob Kadrie
My gift is nestled in the ability to build extraordinary teams with the collective ability to absorb a large amount of complex business information, then distill it to a clear, concise, compelling idea. This gift that has both honored and served me in crafting, and carefully honing, brand experiences, communication strategies, print collateral, websites, and application designs for so many distinguished clients.

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