Lotus Notes: Live Long And Prosper


I am very excited about the “Champ Talk” section we have included in our ATLUG Day of Champions being held in Atlanta on April 7. We are hoping to stimulate the ideas of attendees with a series of short presentations from many of the thought leaders in our local community. Given the idea is so new I wanted to give those thinking about attending an idea of what they will be hearing…. So let’s start with my own presentation.

Notes will turn 25 this year and for at least half of its life it has had to contend with a steady chorus of criticism that the platform is dying. In recent years we have seen less and less emphasis by IBM on its capabilities as an application development platform. And yet (almost) 25 years later it is still helping to run important business functions for a great many companies around the globe.

The question of what’s next for Notes/Domino is important for many because we have invested a lot of time and effort in developing skills that are centered around the product. I’m sure we are constantly re-evaluating the relevance of our current skills in an ever-changing world. Yes, we all know web skills port into a lot of platforms. But what about Domino itself? Those of us that still ARE.

I started researching technology trends to better understand what differentiates those products and brands that are a fad versus those with long lasting staying power. Why does a programming language like COBOL still run the core operations of many large corporations 55 years after it first started being used while a company like Blackberry can see its market share largely evaporate in two years?

The results of that research will be covered in my talk “Lotus Notes: Live Long and Prosper”. What I didn’t expect when I started the project was that there may be two different outcomes for Notes the mail product versus Notes the application development platform. But I should leave the details for those that will be attending….


[slideshare id=33504242&doc=010lotusnotes-livelongandprosper-140414100227-phpapp01&w=640]

Peter Presnell
Peter Presnell
CEO at Red Pill NOW. Strategist, technologist, blogger, presenter, and IBM Champion 2011/12. For years many companies have invested heavily in the Notes/Domino platform and I see my role as helping to find paths forward for that investment.

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