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Domino is back, and yellow has become the new yellow within the yellowverse. We now know that IBM/HCL have a long-term plan for Notes/Domino that extends to 2025, 2030, and beyond. There is a still a lot of gaps in the public information that has made available about what Domino will look like in 2025. But there are definitely a few strong hints such as a renewed focus on Domino as an application development platform, extended reach into the thin clients, mobile clients, and web clients. Application developers are going to see a renewed focus on LotusScript and an extension of the product into the world of JavaScript (both ECMAScript and Node.js).

What is clear is that there has never been a better time to attend to a long overdue need to update and modernize the many Domino applications that have served your company so well over the years. We know many have delayed modernization projects as CIOs have struggled to come to grips with the cost of modernizing so many applications and the inherent risks that can come with projects like this. At Red Pill Now we recognize the challenges that IT departments can face in deciding how best to address the issue of aging Notes client applications. That is why we have been working to develop a new service called Take-5 that is designed to develop a customized solution that aligns with your company’s specific needs and also matches the resources and skillsets at your disposal. Having worked on so many modernization projects over the years we have some very specific goals to achieve with Take-5.

  1. Minimize the risks associated with modernization projects;
  2. Find the optimal path for reducing costs; and
  3. Maximize the benefits (ROI) achieved.

We have done this by employing design thinking to focus on the needs of each project and the people it serves, building a team with superior skills and experience in modernization, knowing and understanding the wide range of modernization tools and solutions in the marketplace, and developing a single integrated process that is focused on solving the important issues that often arise in projects like this from beginning to end. And while we are not allowed to disclose much of what we know about the many feature planned for future versions of Domino, you can be assured we will work closely with you to position your applications to take full advantage of the mew features that are coming.

Over the coming weeks there will be a lot of opportunities for customers and business partners to learn more about Take-5 and how it can help you implement a successful application modernization project.

Next week (Wednesday May 2) Viktor Krantz and I will be conducting two webinars (in different timezones) to outline the Take-5 approach to application modernization.

Session 1: 13:00 CEST (Europe)

Session 2: 13:00 EST (The Americas)

For those attending Engage 2018 (Rotterdam) we will be conducting a 3.5 hour workshop on Monday May 21 in which we will share some of the key thinking behind the Take-5 approach to application modernization as well as challenging you to think about key aspects of successful application modernization projects. We will also be hosting a series one-hour introductions during the event.

Register for Engage

And if you can’t make it to any of these events please feel free to contact Red Pill Now to arrange your own personal one-hour introduction. There has never been a better time to act.

Peter Presnell
Peter Presnell
CEO at Red Pill NOW. Strategist, technologist, blogger, presenter, and IBM Champion 2011/12. For years many companies have invested heavily in the Notes/Domino platform and I see my role as helping to find paths forward for that investment.

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