Meet Red Pill DIG

and say hello to your Domino data – today.

The process of migrating your Notes and Domino data to a more modern platform can take a long time – in some cases, years. You want off the Notes client now. What's a CIO to do?

Enter the Red Pill DIG Portal, the perfect bridge between where you are now, and where you want to be. Access your Domino data any time during your modernization project – in just weeks. Fast and affordable, Red Pill DIG allows you to quickly search across all your Domino applications using any modern browser or mobile device. Red Pill DIG also allows you to easily browse the applications you have permission to use, and save your favorites for easy recall. For developers, we even provide a REST API, allowing your data to be surfaced using any development language that consumes JSON.
Red Pill DIG runs on your existing Domino server. More importantly, DIG uses your existing NSFs, avoiding expensive, risky data migrations required by many solutions. Simply choose the existing application you want to display in DIG, then configure each to the fidelity you desire using our built in, web-based, no-code configuration tool that anyone can be trained to use in just minutes.
While other modernization solutions require complex, lengthily, and risky data migrations, Red Pill DIG installs on top of your Notes Domain – and never touches your data. Zero data migration means zero chance of critical data loss – and faster up-time to boot. Easily surface any – or all of the applications you choose. DIG also respects your existing roles and permissions, which means no additional effort configuring security. Finally, DIG utilizes no proprietary code whatsoever - eliminating any risk related to maintaining, or modifying your installation down the road.
Depending on the size of your Notes domain, the number of applications you want to surface, and the fidelity required of each application, your data will be available using any modern desktop browser, or mobile device in as little as a few hours. Even if you require the highest fidelity for your modernized apps, configuration can be completed with minimal training, and in days - not weeks, or months. And if you're a programmer, you'll be happy to know we provide both REST and Java APIs so you can work with the your choice of programming languages.

With so many choices on the market, we don't know another choice, that gives you more choices than RED PILL DIG.