Red Pill Is Presenting At ATLUG

The Fall meeting of ATLUG will be held at IBM in Atlanta on Thursday starting at 11:30AM. For those in the Atlanta area please drop by and hear Nathan Freeman and Peter Presnell talk about Asymmetric Modernization.

Your Notes applications have served your organization well over the past 20 years. You have recruited well and the numbers have steadily grown. You probably now control a fleet of 1,000 or 10,000 applications that are working each day to keep your company safe from the ravaging hordes of competitors. But are those applications as modern as they once were? Is the platform under attack from newer technologies? Are you seeking a WMD (Wholesale Mobile Deployment) strategy that will allow all your Notes application to integrate with the latest weapon of choice by many businesses, the mobile device? In this session we will explore a new approach to modernization that exploits the capabilities of XPages and mobile controls to allow the information already available in your Notes applications to be made accessible to your entire workforce from their mobile device. Mobilization delivered at the speed of a bullet.

Randy Davison has put together a program for the meeting with broad appeal that also includes presentations from Crossware Mail and TeamStudio.

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