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As a CEO of an IBM Business Partner there is always a positive feeling that comes when being able to support a User Group event such as MWLUG. Its a chance to give back to a community that has helped us all in our earlier careers. It’s a chance to not only finance these events so that the cost to attend is modest, but also a chance to be part of an ongoing conversation about our community and to share some of expertise with others following in our footsteps. This year we had our largest contingent yet, with six speakers all helping to deliver six sessions as well as participate in a number of other events. For those unable to attend all our sessions at MWLUG, or would just like to review the material (and fun) a second time, the following is for you!

Note: Most of these sessions were videoed. Links to the videos will be added when they become available.

From Then, to Now – A UX and Design Workshop for Programmers

Our first session was a 2.5 hour workshop given by Bob Kadrie and myself. The goal of the session was to share our approach to defining the UX and UI for a Notes modernization project. This was an extended version of a session we gave at Engage in Antwerp earlier this year. The 2.5 hour format gave us more time to go into the subject matter in more time, including the interactive section where the audience was broken up into three teams to help design a new “Notes” calendar.

[slideshare id=78856259&doc=mwlug2017workshop-170815131658&w=640]

The material used during the workshop is covered here.

Sponsor Reception

The reception allowed Red Pill Now to unveil the latest demonstration of Red Pill DIG, our Web portal for Notes applications able to surface an entire portfolio of Notes applications in a modern Web interface using technologies such as Graph databases, REST APIs, Polymer Web Components, and Progressive Web Apps.

M is For Modernization

This was a fun session in which six members of the Red Pill Now team covered 26 topics, an A-Z of modernization technology to the theme of Dr Seuss.

[slideshare id=78719222&doc=misformodernization-170810033531&w=640]

We recorded the audio of our rehearsal as a podcast.

Download Podcast

Like the writings of Dr Seuss there is a lot of hidden meanings between the lines. A more traditional presentation of the material covered in this session can be found here.

The PRPL Pattern For Domino Web Apps

In our next session Keith Strickland does a deep technical dive into Google’s PRPL pattern for structuring and delivering Progressive Web Apps. This session was targeted at JavaScript developers and outlines a very useful approach to delivering Web applications in combination with Web caches that can dramatically improve the performance of Web applications as well as supporting offline capabilities.

[slideshare id=78729563&doc=prpl-pattern3-170810111543&w=640]

Speed Sponsoring

One day we are going to surprise attendees by doing a traditional Speed Sponsoring session! This year we decided to again with convention and do a presentation in which we lead with Five Reasons you should NOT work with Red Pill Now.

[slideshare id=78892649&doc=5reasonsnottouseredpillnow-170816142332&w=640]

Big Data with Graph, IBM Domino, and OpenNTF API

The latest installment of our presentations on Graph databases saw Devin Olsen and Nathan T Freeman present together on this topic for the first time after both have presented individually at conferences around the globe about the power of Graph.

[slideshare id=78729485&doc=bigdatawithgraphs-170810111321&w=640]

Influencing Behavior Through Color and Page Design

Creative and UI Director, Bob Kadrie delivered an excellent presentation for developers covering various aspects of both theory and practice in the use of color and page design.

[slideshare id=78862532&doc=mwlug2017pageandcolor-170815164242&w=640]

The Internet of (Notes) Things

In our last session I presented a new topic gathering interest at Red Pill Now, the Internet of Things. The session starts by looking at some of the concepts behind The Internet of Things and how it is architected before looking at ways in which Notes applications could participate as a first-class citizen in the IoT community.

[slideshare id=78719319&doc=theinternetofnotesthings-170810034229&w=640]


A special thanks to all the people who attended our sessions, joined in the fun, and asked some amazing questions. Our sessions would be of little value without your participation.

We would also like to thank Kevin Petit, who took many great photos at MWLUG, a number of which have been used in this article.

Peter Presnell
Peter Presnell
CEO at Red Pill NOW. Strategist, technologist, blogger, presenter, and IBM Champion 2011/12. For years many companies have invested heavily in the Notes/Domino platform and I see my role as helping to find paths forward for that investment.

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