Red Pill Now Partners With Darwino

Red Pill Now is pleased to announce it is partnering with Darwino, adding Darwino to Red Pill Now’s growing portfolio of best in class solutions, consulting, and development services focused on enhancing your investment in Notes data.

What excites me the most about Darwino is its unique approach of replicating data between Notes databases and SQL data stores, providing the best of both worlds. Replication has long been a key differentiator for Notes and it is interesting to see the opportunities that come when you extend that replication model to SQL databases.

  • Users can continue to use existing Notes applications the way they have for many years.
  • Notes developers can continue to develop and enhance classic Notes applications in the same familiar way they have for many years.
  • A new breed of solutions can now be added using the unique capabilities that come from having your Notes database replicated with a Darwino database that acts as a JSON (No-SQL) data store persisted inside a SQL database of your choice.  This includes the ability to store “Notes data” locally on a phone using a MySQL database that can provide true offline capabilities.

To find out more about Darwino or the other products and services Red Pill Now provides please contact us

Additional information about Darwino can be found at

Peter Presnell
Peter Presnell
CEO at Red Pill NOW. Strategist, technologist, blogger, presenter, and IBM Champion 2011/12. For years many companies have invested heavily in the Notes/Domino platform and I see my role as helping to find paths forward for that investment.

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