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Red Pill Now has the distinct pleasure of being a Platinum sponsor for this year’s MWLUG, being held in Austin, TX on August 17-19. We are also very excited that members of the Red Pill Now team have been invited to deliver a total of five sessions at this event.

While IBM seems to have all but abandoned the Notes/Domino platform, Red Pill Now continues to see opportunities and remains excited about the possibilities for using Notes data in new and innovative ways. Over the course of the three days we have chance share our thoughts and visions for taking Notes data beyond the limitations of the Notes client and XPages.

Wednesday 4:30PM – Getting Your Hands On Graphs (Nathan Freeman)

Nathan has been wowing audiences around the world over the past 18 months with his presentations on Graph databases. At Engage last year Nathan’s session was voted the best session at the conference. Simply put graphs are a new and exciting way in which to connect data together. Nathan has been a pioneer in building graph structures from Notes data, even providing a way through the OpenNTF Domino API to store a graph back into an NSF. At MWLUG Nathan will present a 2-hour developer workshop that focuses less on the theory and more on helping developers to get a head start building solutions based upon graph. This is a must attend session for developers who want to unleash the power of graph.

Thursday 1:00 PM – Design Matters 2.0 (Bob Kadrie & Keith Strickland)

To change the way your users think about “Notes Applications” requires a fundamental change in the approach taken to provide a superior user experience. In this session we will talk about the ways we have taken Design First thinking, such as that now being adopted by IBM, and applied it to building a whole new generation of user interfaces for Notes data. Bob will provide the perspective of a designer, while Keith will talk from the perspective a seasoned Notes developer having to change his approach to UI design. This session is for all developers who yearn for the admiration and respect of their users that comes from designing an application with wow and sizzle.

Thursday 1:00 PM – Rethinking Notes (Peter Presnell & Nathan Freeman)

That’s right, two sessions in the same time-slot in which the Red Pill Now team will be competing against each other for your attention. With a lot of overlap between these two sessions don’t be surprised if we find a way of interconnecting these two sessions.

The goal of this session is to challenge your thinking with new ways to look at Notes data and how it can be delivered via applications you build. It will be all hand-on-deck as four members of the Red Pill Now team share a wide range of topics that take emerging concepts and technologies and show you how they can be applied to give old Notes data new life. Many of these ideas will be presented for the first time. Your only excuse for not attending this event will be to attend the Design Matters session.

Friday 9:00 AM – An Introduction to Web Components (Kito Mann & Keith Strickland)

Web components are perhaps the most exciting thing happening to Web development. If you are a developer and haven’t ever heard about Web components or have not quite yet figured out what all the fuss is, please join two of Red Pill Now’s leading Web developers as they walk you through the basics of the technology and show you how Web components can be used to put a whole new face on Notes data. Don’t party too late Thursday night or you risk missing the chance to learn more about a technology with the potential to change the way we build Web applications.

Friday 10:15 AM – The Lotus Position (Clarence White & Peter Presnell)

A case study on the work we have been doing at The Salvation Army. Please join Clarence White, CIO for the US Southern Territory and myself as we explain how a typical Notes shop such as The Salvation Army has begun to change the way it delivers Notes data to its users using Design First, Graph Databases, REST APIs, and Polymer (Material Design & Web Components).

Organizations that have invested in IBM Notes have now reached an important fork in the road.  The decisions you make today will determine the fate of your data for many years to come. Before making those decisions join us at MWLUG to hear the Red Pill Now team outline its vision for the future of Notes data. MWLUG also provides the opportunity to hear about IBM’s own plans for the future with BlueMix, Verse, and Toscano as part of 50+ awesome sessions from thought leaders around the globe. Register now, pack your bags and join us at the premier community event in North American event for all things Notes, Domino, and IBM Collaboration Solutions.


Peter Presnell
Peter Presnell
CEO at Red Pill NOW. Strategist, technologist, blogger, presenter, and IBM Champion 2011/12. For years many companies have invested heavily in the Notes/Domino platform and I see my role as helping to find paths forward for that investment.

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  1. About the graph db topic: would it help to have any sample DB distributed with the extension library that demonstrates the power of graph data modelling? In theory it is not so hard to understand but in practice implementation and understanding its powers is harder. Not so many resources to pick great examples from these days…

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