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Over the years I have had the chance to attend a lot of LUGs around the world including Engage (BLUG), Inform (AUSLUG), and of course there is MWLUG (people call me MWLUG). These events have provided me with the chance to hear from leading Notes Developers and Domino Administrators. But rarely do I get the chance to hear from a CIO and get his/her view on IBM Collaboration Solutions. That is why I am excited this year to have the chance to present alongside Clarence White, the CIO for The Salvation Army’s US Southern Territory. Often the future of Notes at an organization rests in the hands of the CIO and it is important for us all to understand how they may see the future for Notes and Notes databases in 2016.

Please join us at 10:15 AM on Friday for our session called The Lotus Position – Three Degrees of Freedom. In this session we will be talking about three distinct strategies that we have developed to provide a future for The Salvation Army’s portfolio of Notes applications. We will show how Red Pill Now has applied its understanding of Design First, Graph Databases, REST APIs, and Polymer Web Components to build a future for Notes data, bringing the theory behind our other four MWLUG sessions in a real world case study.

I had the opportunity to do this presentation at Engage easier in the year. At Engage we had FOUR degrees of freedom. Now we are down to THREE. If you attend this week’s session I will explain why we no longer consider XPages to be a viable option for The Salvation Army. We will also be providing the first looks at an exciting new portal for Notes data that brings all these technologies together to deliver a seamless interface for all your Notes data. Red Pill has a vision that does not require that 20 million Notes databases be left behind.

Peter Presnell
Peter Presnell
CEO at Red Pill NOW. Strategist, technologist, blogger, presenter, and IBM Champion 2011/12. For years many companies have invested heavily in the Notes/Domino platform and I see my role as helping to find paths forward for that investment.

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  1. Lars Berntrop-Bos says:

    Thanks! Your post prompted me to lookup polymer and it’s AWESOME! Keep imagining XPages tags implemented as Polymer components…

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