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During 2013 timelines for application development have gotten faster.  Web browsers such as Firefox and Chrome come out with new major release every 4-8 weeks. Facebook is updating its mobile app every 1-2 months. Red Pill Development is embracing this trend by moving towards smaller more frequent releases of its modernization software for IBM Notes applications. We will continue to consolidate enhancements into quarterly release cycles for companies not (yet) equipped to upgrade software any faster, but we will be making new versions of redpill Now available on a much more frequent (often weekly) release cycle. Just like many mobile applications, it is your choice to use the latest release.

This week we are pleased to announce a number of new enhancements to redpill Now.

  1. redpill Mobile: Gets the same standard edit capabilities developed for redpill Desktop last week.
  2. Both redpill Mobile and redpill Desktop now support the designation of required fields.
  3. Support has been added for read-only representations and read-only fields for situations in which it is not needed for everything to be editable.
  4. It is now possible to define multi-value as an attribute for keyword fields. In redpill Desktop this triggers a Select 2 control being used to allow users to select multiple values from a defined list of choices.
  5. It is now possible to assign any Notes database to a template manually. In doing this it becomes possible to configure a group of applications that are largely based upon the same code base even if they are not formally defined to inherit from the same template.
  6. Filtering in the administration client has been enhanced to allow more choices as to which design elements are displayed.

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